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Wedding Insurance ? Yeh or Nah ....

We get asked this a lot .

With the cost of getting married spiralling and more couples are looking to protect themselves financially in case the big day goes wrong.

Many weddings now cost upwards of £10,000. But for the cost of an extra tier on the wedding cake you can get insurance policies which will cover many of the nightmare scenarios that haunt prospective brides and grooms.

A growing trend for couples to organise their big day independently - booking venues, catering, flowers and the rest separately - means that many of the costs are not insured and there is no central point of complaint or recompense if things go wrong.

If couples book a service or goods from suppliers and they go bust, they will have to join the list of unsecured creditors and will be near the back of the line when it comes to claiming back costs.

And insuring the big day is of even more concern if couples opt to have their wedding in a marquee or in premises not usually hired out for functions, when public liability cover will be needed to protect against claims for injury or damage.

Wedding insurance A number of firms offer wedding insurance, ranging from specialists such as Wedding plan and Ecclesiastical to household names John Lewis ( our fav ) and Marks and Spencer Different suppliers offer different cover so it is important to tailor one to your needs.

For example i always suggest John Lewis whom include public liability cover which will pay out in the event of any claims arising if an accident occurred. Most policies have different levels of cover that you can choose from and will specify how much will be paid in different circumstances.

John Lewis has 12 levels of cover costing between £46 and £355. Couples should consider what their most significant costs are and choose a policy to cover them. A key detail of a policy is the amount that it will pay in the event the wedding has to be cancelled. This ranges from a few thousand pounds for the cheapest levels of cover, to as much as £50,000.

What is covered i hear you ask ?

A quick total of the various costs will give you an approximate figure. The cancellation amount will pay if the venue cannot be used or if a key member of the wedding party – bride, groom and parents or guardians – dies or is ill or injured before the ceremony.

Policies will also pay if the wedding dress or other special outfits are lost or severely damaged. If those paying for the wedding are made redundant and the wedding has to be cancelled, policies will payout. However, the policy has to have been in place for eight weeks before notice has been given.

You can save money Search and compare to cut the cost


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