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2015 Wedding Trends

As I read through blogs, wedding magazines and talk with industry professionals, the trends that are predicted for 2015 are pretty unique and somewhat nostalgic of some past trends. And since Pantone has announced the Color of the Year as Marsala, it only makes sense that it's on trend with some of the predictions I have for couples planning a wedding in 2015.




The new metallic is copper. It can be used with the most vintage of wedding decor to the uber modern design. And copper can easily be blended with silver or gold.



Bridal shops have showed the most glamorous wedding gowns in every cut and length imaginable; tons of bling; dramatic beaded backs; illusion necklines; and full skirts. Several designers had a pantsuit grace the runway showcasing tuxedo-style pants and embellished jackets.and along side Cute tulle, skirt Bridal dresses are new trend for 2015



The days of digital calligraphy are moving on. Couples are inviting fewer wedding guests which affords them the luxury of hand lettering also know as calligraphy on their inner and outer envelopes as well as their escort and/or place cards. The elegant script truly compliments my next prediction



Letter pressed invitations as well as laser cut invitations are making their way back onto the stationery scene in the most formal of ways! You'll see invitations from the brightest of white to the softest of grey fancied with a gilded edge or a foil stamp.



Up lighting has become a staple for every wedding reception. Venues are even offering this style of lighting as part of their packaging. The most popular hue remains amber to give that illusion of candlelight, but the more modern couples will opt for the blues and purple tons.



Flower walls, big and small, are becoming popular in wedding ceremony and reception decor. This is the one floral piece when it is okay to see artificial flowers. Because of the vast amounts of flowers needed to create these works of art, artificial flowers will save in the cost



Late night snacks at the wedding reception are here to stay, but the presentation is changing. Guests now are leaving outside of the venue and visiting ham b stalls with a variety of rolls, mini hot dogs, and pizzas . And the newlyweds receive rave reviews at the conclusion of the wedding reception.



And for the groom, navy suits and kilts have replaced black. Slate grey with the tradition three-button closure is becoming a staple among wedding parties. Plus you will see plenty of bow ties and printed ties on the men walking down the aisle.



Detailed weddings cakes are back on top! The days of the naked cakes are gone. Couples are back to designing intricate cakes fashioned after their wedding invitation or wedding gown, and sugar flowers are making the boldest of statements


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